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Since the launching of the Pitch AgriHack Initiative, that aims at strengthening ICT innovation and entrepreneurship by youth in agriculture, some 700 young innovators and entrepreneurs took part in its hackathons and start-up contests. These beneficiaries had the opportunity to be involved in other CTA activities and those of its partners (Apps4Ag, Plug and Play events, etc.). The best start-ups involved so far have benefited from about USD 1 million (investment and grants from various national and international parties).Here are brief notes on some of the best start-ups involved so far in the competitions of the AgriHack Talent Program of CTA:


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The final stage of CTA’s Pitch AgriHack West Africa competition took place at the 7th African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF 2017), on 7th September 2017, in Abidjan. The winners of the early stage category, efarms – a Nigerian-based online networking platform and Farmart Limited – a Ghanian online food market, were rewarded grants of €7,500 and €5,000 respectively. For the advanced category winners, Bayseddo – a Senegalese agri-financing platform and AgroCenta – an online marketplace for agricultural produce founded in Ghana, received €15,000 and €12,500 in funding respectively. On top of that, CTA’s partner, the Mali-based Suguba, offered two special prizes of each €2,000.

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Pitch AgriHack, which aims to accelerate youth-led e-agriculture entrepreneurship for improved livelihoods and food security, unveiled the winners of the 2016 pitching event. The announcement was made during an award ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya, on 24 November 2016. The competition was hotly contested with 25 finalists, selected out of 152 e-agriculture startups from across Africa and the Caribbean. Before the announcement of winners, finalists benefited from a training boot camp on 22 November at Ihub Nairobi, focused on offering successful business services in e-agriculture. The finalists were also coached on how to pitch effectively. On 23 November, they presented their services publicly before a jury and an audience composed of agriculture and ICT experts and institutions, including venture capitals. 

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The Youth-Enabled Fish Farming ‪#‎AgriHack‬ (YEFFA) also known as AgriHack West Africa is now receiving applications from ICT innovators and developers who are based in one of the 3 focus countries: Nigeria, Benin and Togo, and are interested in working towards solving any of the persistent problems of the fish value chain in these countries.

For more details and to apply, go to http://agrihackwestafrica.org/

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New innovations continue to revolutionise the way we carry out fish farming. In an increasingly digital world, mobile solutions are also being called upon to tackle some of the challenges that the sector faces.

In line with this, the Youth-Enabled Fish Farming AgriHack (YEFFA) project was selected last year by CTA following the launch of its Youth call for proposals. The objective of the project is to use information technology to help solve challenges in the fish farming value chains in Nigeria, Benin and Togo. The initiative is led by Wennovation Hub (an ICT innovation centre in Nigeria) in collaboration with e-triLabs and Woelab (ICT innovation centres in Benin and Togo respectively) and the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND).

YEFFA is an adaptation of the AgriHack Talent Initiative that CTA has been championing, which aims to support ICT innovations and entrepreneurship in agriculture by youth up to 35 years old.

For more information please here http://bit.ly/fish-agrihack

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The winners of the Durban AgriHack Talent Challenge, which took place from 28 November to 02 December 2015 in Durban in South Africa, were announced on 2nd December, at the closing ceremony of the Global Forum for Innovation in Agriculture, African Edition (GFIA Africa).

For more information, go to event's website http://durban-agrihack.ict4ag.org/

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« Non, ce n'est pas facile d'être entrepreneur » explique Rose Funja, directrice des TIC et de la Recherche à l'Université de Bagamoyo. Vous écouterez peut-être un universitaire parler de l'entrepreneuriat d'une oreille distraite, mais Rose n'est pas une universitaire comme les autres. Après avoir étudié les télécommunications en Chine et travaillé dans le secteur privé, elle a ensuite entamé une carrière dans l'enseignement et la recherche. Parallèlement, elle s'est récemment lancée dans l'entrepreneuriat et a cofondé une entreprise innovante dans le domaine passionnant des TIC pour l'agriculture.

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Les parasites n'ont, pour ainsi dire, aucune utilité ! Enfin, ce n'est peut-être pas vrai pour tout le monde. Troy Weekes et Mortimer Seale, originaires de la Barbade, se sont inspirés des nuisibles pour mettre au point une application agricole prometteuse appelée CropGuard. Comme son nom le suggère, il s'agit d'une application qui fournit des informations pour défendre les productions agricoles contre les parasites, un problème majeur dans le secteur agricole de la Barbade. Elle propose aux agriculteurs de diagnostiquer le problème spécifique à leurs plantes et leur donne des conseils pour le résoudre. « Il s'agit d'un système de gestion du savoir » décrit Troy. Par l'intermédiaire de cette application, « nous mettons en relation les gouvernements, les services de conseil agricole et le monde de la recherche avec les agriculteurs qui ont le plus besoin d'information. »

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Il était une fois, dans l’Ouganda rural, un petit enfant dont la mère ne parvenait pas à cultiver pleinement son demi-hectare de terrain, faute de moyens. Aujourd'hui, David Opio est un entrepreneur ambitieux. Ce jeune passionné des technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC), s’attelle à améliorer les moyens de subsistance des paysans en Ouganda.

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Nous sommes très heureux de vous informer que le programme « ARDYIS »  (Agriculture, Développement Rural et Jeunesse dans la Société de l’Information) du CTA a été nominé pour les Prix SMSI dans la catégorie e-agriculture (catégorie 13) !

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