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Mercredi 21 Novembre 2012 10:40

Strategic Youth Stakeholder Workshop: An enriching experience for organizers and participants

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CTA Youth strategy workshop About 25 young professionals, youth champions from ACP countries and partners from international organizations working on Youth in Agriculture and Rural Development were brought together by the CTA from 14th to 16th November 2012 in Wageningen, The Netherlands, to participate in its Strategic Youth Stakeholder Workshop.

The first part of the workshop consisted of different panels, whereby the objective was to learn from the partners.  To open the day, CTA presented key elements of its 2011-2015 Strategic Plan.

Youth in agriculture activities it has been undertaking in three key areas (youth in agricultural science and research, youth in agriculture policies, youths and ICTs) were also presented. The participants then shared their experience, perspectives on youth in agriculture, gave examples of their initiatives in supporting the youth and made recommendations on how CTA could respond to the challenges met.

Some major challenges shared by the stakeholders were: high unemployment rate among youth in ACP countries, ageing farming population, rural-urban migration, gender, unattractiveness of Agriculture and the rural area and lack of enabling environment to engage the youth in the sector.

A key point raised was that youth is a heterogeneous group (urban, rural, educated, uneducated, gender, youth in different regions, etc.) and the actions being taken to tackle this issue should take into account these differences to meet the needs of the youth and reach the vulnerable ones on the ground.

Following these discussions, breakout sessions were held on four thematic areas agreed upon by participants. These are the following:

  • Youth, Information, Communication, Knowledge Management (ICT and KM) and agriculture
  • Youth in Agricultural Policies
  • Youth and Agricultural value chains
  • Youth in Agricultural Science and Research

In each breakout session group, participants made a situation analysis of the theme (including identification of key stakeholders, challenges and opportunities), using the “Rich Picture” technique.  They then formulated a vision statement showing their view on how the position of youth in the strategic area should improve in 10 years’ time. Finally, they formulated key elements of a strategic programme supporting the position of youth in the area selected, with key objectives, themes and activities and risks.

On the last day of the workshop, each group presented  their work. The final result and ideas given by the stakeholders were really impressive and both the organizers and participants were very satisfied with the work done during the 3 days. All stakeholders present got the opportunity to contribute and give their inputs that CTA will consider for shaping the CTA youth strategy.

In his closing remarks, the Director of CTA, Mr. Michael Hailu said that this was a key step in the process of designing the strategy; he reaffirmed CTA’s commitment  to engage and provide opportunities to youth in Agriculture, with the collaboration of all relevant stakeholders, including those present at the workshop.

** Workshop documents

All workshop presentations can be viewed and downloaded below:

** Pictures

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** More documents, twitter feeds and pictures

Check here our Storify Page for the workshop.

** More information about the workshop:

The objective of the workshop was to review major issues and initiatives related to youth in Agriculture and Rural Development in ACP countries, in order to provide guidelines for the finalisation and implementation of the CTA Youth Strategy. For other details, check CTA Strategic Youth Stakeholder Workshop: your opinion counts!

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