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We, young women and men farmers, representing Farmers’ Organizations as well as Rural (Youth) Associations of Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean, gathered at IFAD Headquarters in Rome (Italy) on Saturday 18 February 2012 to prepare recommendations to be addressed to Farmers’ Organizations (FOs) representatives, to IFAD and to Governments during the 2012 Farmers’ Forum and IFAD Governing Council.

MIJARC, together with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), is facilitating a global process, involving farmer organisation networks at national, regional and global level, to help young rural people pursue better livelihoods through improved access to remunerative farming as well as other activities linked to agriculture.

The project includes three main activities:

Friday, 03 February 2012 11:59

Youthful innovation at Apps4Africa

Eric Mutta, Tanzania“Innovation works well for large companies, but it’s not so easy for a sole trader to gain recognition,” says Eric Mutta, a software designer whose latest app won him recognition in the Apps4Africa Climate Challenge. But it’s through youthful innovation that Africa will find long-term solutions to long-standing problems.

Près de 400 jeunes engagés, dont 300 jeunes nigériens et 100 jeunes francophones provenant d’une trentaine de pays, se sont rassemblés le 16 janvier 2012 de 10h à 12h au Palais des congrès de Niamey à l’occasion du lancement officiel du Forum international francophone « Jeunesse et emplois verts », qui se poursuivra jusqu’au 20 janvier prochain.

ICT UpdateICT Update magazine is looking for articles for our forthcoming issue of March-April on Youth and ICTs.

We would like to hear from anyone working on agricultural or rural development projects involving young people in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, where ICTs (mobile phones, computers, GIS, email, internet, radio, TV, etc) are used to improve employment opportunities or to encourage an interest in traditional agricultural practices.

I first heard about The Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) when I joined Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) as an information and Communications officer in 2008, through a project that CTA was funding known as “Enhancing Access to Agricultural Information” in Northern Uganda. I had earlier on read a couple of books published by CTA from NARO-Kawanda but I had never clearly understood what CTA’s mandate was.

Friday, 18 November 2011 13:20

Benin youth drives African innovation

Do you have an idea? Maybe to provide cheap electricity generators to the people in your town? Or have you invented a machine that would test the African soil and point farmers in the right direction on what crops to plant? If the idea is good and you are struggling to get the project off the ground, a group of young people from Benin might have the solution.

CTA NEPAD Essay and Photo Contest winnersIt is with great pleasure that the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) Agency and the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) announce the winners of the Photo and Essay competitions that have been organized to celebrate NEPAD’s 10th Anniversary. This competition also falls in the framework of CTA activities on youth, women and ICTs.

21 September 2011, Porto Novo, Benin. Seventy-one youths have completed a month-long training on various aspects of agricultural production at the Songhai Centre in Porto Novo, the political capital of Benin, as part of an ECOWAS capacity building programme to encourage and empower Community youth for self employment.

The training was organized by the Ouagadougou-based ECOWAS Youth and Sports Development Centre, in collaboration with the Songhai Centre, one of the regional centres of excellence recognized by ECOWAS for youth development.

Engaging the youth in future agricultural developments in Africa will take centre stage at Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) Annual Regional Food Security Policy Dialogue in Swaziland on 19-23 September 2011 (www.fanrpan.org).

“The time is now to ensure that the youth are part of decisions about the future of agriculture in Africa – they are after all the generation that will have to ensure that the continent’s growing population is fed,” says FANRPAN Chief Executive Officer Dr Lindiwe Majele Sibanda. ”It is the responsibility of current leaders in agriculture to ensure the involvement of the youth in development– and that is what we plan to do.”

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ICT and Youth in Agriculture in Africa (Report)