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Tuesday, 08 March 2016 10:55

ARDYIS Celebrates Young Women in Agriculture on International Women's Day

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In the framework of the International Women’s Day, the CTA ARDYIS project is celebrating young women in agriculture and ICT who have been successfully involved in its activities. More on these ladies and activities they have been involved in sections below. We would like to seize the opportunity to wish all women involved in our activities a very beautiful Women's Day!

ARDYIS Essay Competition 2010

  • Maureen Agena (Uganda): Maureen was a winner in the ARDYIS essay competition in 2010. She relayed her experience as a winner in this post on her blog here and this video.
  • Samantha Kaye, Denise Christie (Jamaica): Samantha was one of the 10 finalists in the essay competition. Find here her essay (No. 4 on the list); and her picture.

CTA and NEPAD Photo and Essay competition 2011

  • Thoko Chikondi (Malawi): Thoko won the Southern African regional prize in the “Youth/women, ICTs and entrepreneurship” category, with the photo titled Mustard leaf vendors (Photo competition).
  • Comfort Moussa (Cameroon): Comfort was a winner in the “Youth and ICT in agriculture” essay category - (picture).

Durban AgriHack Talent challenge

  • Nadia Oosthuizen and Victoria Rautenbach (South Africa): Nadia and Victoria are members of the 3-person team, CGIS, which won the AgriHack challenge with the prototype named Temo Le Boso. See more about them here and here.

AgriHack Talent Caribbean

  • Ivory Tokromo (Suriname): Ivory was a member of the 2-person team, Agri Kari, winner of the national competition in Suriname, and the 2nd runner up of Finals of AgriHack Talent Caribbean. She shared her experience in this video.

AgriHack activity in East Africa

  • Rose Funja (Tanzania): Rose was one of the winners at the first AgriHack event in East Africa with the app named Agrinfo. Learn more about her experience with the start-up in this video and post.
  • Rita Kimani and Peris Bosire – FarmDrive (Kenya): Rita and Peris were finalists at the AgriHack event in East Africa, where their team designed the app, FarmDrive. For more details about them go here and here.

Special Mention

Apart from these women, we are making a special mention to some women who also made great contributions to ARDYIS:

  • Anju Mangal (Fiji): Anju is one of the most committed supporter of the youth in agriculture and the ARDYIS project in the Pacific. She represents the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) on the ARDYIS advisory committee. See her profile here.
  • Zoe Quinlan and Zahrea Franklin (St. Kitts and Nevis): Zoe and Zahrea formed an all-women team that won the national competition in St. Kitts and Nevis, and was one of the regional finalists at the AgriHack Talent Caribbean - (video).
  • Netisha Durand (Dominica): Netisha’s team, Team Mirage, was the national winner in Dominica, and a finalist at the regional AgriHack Talent Caribbean - see video here.

Check out the articles below to see more promising young women in agriculture and ICT that have been involved in our activities:

Happy International Women's Day!

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