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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 08:58

UNDDD launches the Youth4Land media campaign!

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Young people around the world have taken on the initiative to speak on behalf of the land and soil. Launching the campaign titled, “going land-degradation neutral,” in Bonn, Germany, at the annual conference of the Bonn International Model United Nations (BIMUN/SINUB) on 13th December. Mr. Julian Nelting, Secretary-General of BIMUN called on his fellow youth to take on the fight against desertification.

Launching the campaign, Ms. Wagaki Mwangi, UNCCD, read a message from the land and soil, calling on young people to speak on its behalf.

The Youth4Land campaign is part of the United Nations Decade for Deserts and the fight against Desertification (UNDDD). Youth4Land raises awareness about the global issues of land degradation and desertification among young people and popularizes the idea of a ‘land degradation neutral’ world which prominent leaders have decided on at the Rio+20 Conference.

Young people should be more conscious about the consequences of land degradation, since they, and generations to come, will be able to feel the effects of this in future. To spread the word about these issues, UNDDD calls on all young people worldwide to go to their website, Facebook and Twitter and ensure that the campaign will go viral!

You have a choice: together we can stop land degradation!

Please find the different platforms of the UNDDD Youth4Land media campaign on the following links:

UNDDD Website

Facebook Page

YouTube Channel

Twitter Account

Twitter tag: #Youth4land

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