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Wednesday, 12 August 2015 10:30

International Youth Day 2015: Six stories on youth successfully engaged in agriculture and ICT endeavours

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Since its first occasion in 2000, the 12th day of August has been observed as International Youth Day, on the initiative of the United Nations. This day is aimed at drawing critical attention to the issues that youth have to face everywhere in the world. The day resolves around a certain theme. We are pleased that this year’s Youth Day celebrates ‘Youth Civic Engagement’. CTA and the ARDYIS project are proud to contribute to its commemorations.

“The engagement and participation of youth is essential to achieve sustainable human development. Yet often the opportunities for youth to engage politically, economically and socially are low or non-existent”

The theme resonates particularly well with CTA’s ARDYIS project. Indeed, through various activities, we have consistently been supporting youth's civic engagement in agriculture and rural development through information and communication technologies (ICT).

To join this year’s International Youth Day initiative, we want to share with you six stories of youth who have been successfully contributing to the transformation of agricultural communities in their countries. They come from Barbados, Benin, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. They have been involved in CTA's Youth in Agriculture Blog Competition (
YoBloCo Awards) or AgriHack Talent initiative, carrying out novel activities which have helped them get their current results. They share their passion, challenges and how they are striving to address them, as well the successes they have been able to achieve. We hope their stories bring you inspiration on how you can engage in similar endeavours, or provide you with insights on how you can support these kinds of actions!

  1. Pest Control Mobile Application, and Much More (On CropGuard, Barbados)
    Troy Weekes and Mortimer Seale shares the possibilities that their mobile application CropGuard can offer to address pest control and help farmers. While initially a pest control prototype, networking and brainstorming with communities have revealed a myriad of other uses that the application can fulfil.

  2. Une vitrine pour les femmes béninoises engagées dans l’agriculture (By Marthe Montcho, Benin)
    This post by Marthe Montcho elaborates her efforts to assist and raise awareness on the struggles of rural women in Benin. In her role as a blogger, Marthe has inspired and promoted agricultural entrepreneurship by both women and men and will continue to do so in the future. (In French/En français)

  3. Des «graines de l’information» pour promouvoir l’agriculture (by Anne Matho, Cameroon)
    In her story, Anne Matho explains how blogging about agriculture has brought her both opportunities and valuable contacts. But it’s not just about herself: the people who she blogs about also benefit, showing how essential this ICT-related engagement is supporting agricultural communities. (In French/En français)

  4. Farming is in my genes (by Elcah Barasa, Kenya)
    Elcah considers herself both as a farmer and a blogger. Blogging has taught her valuable writing skills and promoted farming; she now considers developing an application to help farmers to access vital information more easily.

  5. MOBIS – Helping Smallholder Farmers Access Credit and Manage their Finances (On Ensibuuko, Uganda)
    Read how David Opio and Gerald Otim have channelled the difficulties witnessed in their childhoods into the energy necessary to start an innovative business: Ensibuuko in Uganda. Their mobile application is helping farmers to access and manage their finances!

  6. The Future Google of Agricultural Land Information (On Agrinfo, Tanzania)
    Rose Funja explains how ICTs offer new opportunities for land management for farmers and entrepreneurs in Tanzania and everywhere. She and her colleague Grace developed a winning prototype, which is now almost fully launched. She shares some of the lessons learned throughout this process.
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ICT and Youth in Agriculture in Africa (Report)

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