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« Quelles solutions aux défis de l’agriculture et du développement rural à l’ère des TIC ? Parole aux jeunes » !

Telle était la problématique centrale du concours de rédaction du projet ARDYIS (Agriculture, Rural Development and Youth in the Information Society) mis en œuvre par le CTA (Centre Technique de Coopération Agricole et Rurale ACP-UE), en collaboration avec divers partenaires (FARA, Yam-Pukri, ANAFE, CAFAN, AYF, PAFPNet/SPC). Près de 180 jeunes (35% de femmes) venant de 33 pays ACP (Afrique, Caraïbes, Pacifique) ont soumis leurs analyses et propositions.

The finals (oral presentations) of the CTA ARDYIS Essay Contest as well as the prize giving ceremony will be held during the CTA Week 2010 events in Pretoria, South Africa.

An increasing number of young people need employment, yet there are limited openings in the formal employment sector. If more young people can be supported to develop agricultural enterprises and view agriculture as a viable career option, then issues of youth unemployment, food security, and rural-urban drift can be addressed.

The Youth in Agriculture Strategy gives young people a greater voice in decision-making processes related to agriculture. The strategy is the result of a call made in 2008 by Ministers of Agriculture to explore ways in which young people could be supported to take up careers in agriculture. The strategy was endorsed at the 4th regional meeting of the Pacific Heads of Agriculture and Forestry Services (HOAFS) in 2010.



Winners of the YoBloCo Awards announced at the Fin4Ag Conference!