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What is the ARDYIS Project?

The purpose of ARDYIS is to raise youth awareness and capacity on agricultural and rural development issues in ACP countries through ICTs. More specifically, it will strengthen the capacities of the youth on ICTs for development issues, particularly in the agricultural and rural sector and contribute to sensitizing youth on the questions related to agriculture and rural development in ACP countries. It is a framework for actions that will contribute to the promotion of opportunities for youth in ACP countries in the sectors of agriculture, rural development and information and communication technology.

Monday, 12 August 2013 17:55

Scenario of Youth Migration In Nepal

According to the report of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB),  remittance contributes about 25%  to the country's GDP and also according to the report of Department of Immigration of Tribhuvan International Airport  1500 plus  Nepali youths migrate abroad daily to foreign job market. These two facts depict how severe is the situation of youth migration in Nepal.

The subject of youth migration brings to mind a number of points to debate on. Here, I postulate that in its initial stages, youth migration appears to be in response to fault lines within one’s own governance system. This could be as a result of a breakdown of social services and unfavourable socio-economic and political conditions. In the mature stages, youth migration takes an individualistic form, as it happens when a person seeks growth and validation of themselves in a different context especially with regards to their abilities and sense of imagination. The second interpretation is the one in which the recollection below is based on.

I was raised in a dairy farm on the rural outskirts in the Tailevu North Province, Fiji Island. After primary education I moved to Suva the City to further my studies and I have been residing in the City for over 20 years. I have worked in the armed forces, join the business executive’s career but deep inside I had a passion in farming, particularly in agro produce. I had been in farming on and off due to some reasons which I will discuss. In 2009 I started to invest in a farming project involving our church. It was planting watermelon on a 2 acre plot. I paid for all the costs but the land belonged to someone else. I lost everything when a dispute started on the ownership among the owners.

Les pays de l’Afrique sub-saharienne, jadis, connus pour leur forte production en cultures vivrières sont devenus de nos jours importateurs et voire mêmes demandeurs d’aide et d’assistance pour assurer les besoins alimentaires nationaux.

Le Bénin n’échappe pas à cette triste réalité qui trouve sa source dans la survenue de plusieurs phénomènes que sont : la baisse progressive de la fertilité des terres, les changements climatiques, l’insuffisance de facteurs de productions techniques (équipements agricoles, crédits financier ou crédits intrant), mais aussi et surtout la raréfaction de la main d’œuvre, de bras valide capable de travailler et d’assurer avec efficacité les travaux champêtres.

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