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What is the ARDYIS Project?

The purpose of ARDYIS is to raise youth awareness and capacity on agricultural and rural development issues in ACP countries through ICTs. More specifically, it will strengthen the capacities of the youth on ICTs for development issues, particularly in the agricultural and rural sector and contribute to sensitizing youth on the questions related to agriculture and rural development in ACP countries. It is a framework for actions that will contribute to the promotion of opportunities for youth in ACP countries in the sectors of agriculture, rural development and information and communication technology.

I am from a small rural community located in the southern part of the beautiful island, Trinidad. After completing my degree I moved back home but inadequate job opportunities in my field of study, inept mentorship programs and limited leisure activities at that time lead me to move to an urban community. Even though the rural communities were major providers of agricultural produce with the divestment of Caroni (1975) Limited the number of farmers and farming communities slowly dwindled.

Monday, 12 August 2013 18:14

Migrating ; what for?

According to the UN - Youths are seen as one of the most mobile social groups in migration context. They make up about 30% of international migrants. Migration could arise as a result of tranfer or a change in job, education or an entire family or individual relocating abroad for "greener pastures". Some could also be within a particular country for reasons such as insecurity, job availability, weather, marriage to mention but a few.

The commonest form of migration is from rural to urban areas. Most young people move to urban areas, towns and cities due to a number of reasons. The location of industries, better infrastructures, better employment opportunities, jobs and lifestyles among others explain this phenomenon.

“The location of businesses, organizations and government ministries in towns and cities is what drives the youth out of rural areas leaving agriculture to the old and frail” Says Aidah Agwang. Ms Agwang is a Communications Officer at Childsifoundation in Uganda, an organization that protects the rights, nurtures and provides opportunities for positive growth and development for children.

Monday, 12 August 2013 17:55

Scenario of Youth Migration In Nepal

According to the report of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB),  remittance contributes about 25%  to the country's GDP and also according to the report of Department of Immigration of Tribhuvan International Airport  1500 plus  Nepali youths migrate abroad daily to foreign job market. These two facts depict how severe is the situation of youth migration in Nepal.

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