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Thursday, 10 April 2014 10:37

CTA’s Youth Strategy 2013 – 2017

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CTA has been supporting and promoting youth engagement in agriculture for more than 15 years. However, this Strategy is the first attempt to bring CTA’s efforts into a comprehensive policy aligned with the three goals of the Centre’s Strategic Plan 2011-2015.

Supporting the youth as key agricultural stakeholders since 1997.

With its mission to advance food and nutritional security in ACP regions through the empowerment of agricultural and rural development organisations and networks, CTA has targeted youth as key stakeholders who can benefit from, and contribute to the increased performance of the agricultural sector. Youth have been a cross-cutting issue for the organisation going as far back as 1997. In its Strategic Plan 2011–2015, CTA seeks to ensure that young people:

  • are encouraged, through various means, to get involved in agriculture;
  • are involved in CTA's programmes and partnership agreements.

A common objective: engaging youth in agriculture.

The development of the Youth Strategy represents an important attempt by CTA to take a more holistic and systematic approach to engaging young people in various activities which support and promote the development of the agricultural sector in ACP countries. Supporting youth engagement in agriculture has been called for by young people themselves, national governments and international institutions.

The Strategy allows CTA to define clearly the priority areas of concern and focus its activities accordingly. It will also send a strong message to partners in ACP and EU countries, as well as to the international community, on the need for coordinated action in order to enhance efforts to support young people.

CTA's Youth Strategy: a participative process.

In developing this document, CTA consulted with its staff and Executive Board, key partners – including representatives of various youth groups – and national and international development agencies. A strategic youth stakeholder workshop was organised in the Netherlands, which gathered 25 external participants, 80% being youth under 35 years old. Participants included young professionals, youth champions, young farmers, and representatives of organisations involved in ICT for development and knowledge management with an interest in agriculture and rural development. The Strategy represents a synthesis of perspectives gathered in these interactions. CTA would like to thank all the young people, staff and partners who contributed in the process.

Download the Youth Strategy 2013 – 2017 in PDF format

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