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Be part of the social reporting team of the ICT4Ag Conference and improve your skills!

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The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) is organising its ICT for Agriculture (ICT4Ag) conference in Kigali, Rwanda from 4-8 November 2013. This conference will examine ways that ICTs are truly empowering producers and consumers along entire value chains. It will showcase the exciting possibilities and incredible developments taking place in this area.  The conference will have an international focus and will attract a broad range of stakeholders. About 400 delegates are expected to attend the event: farmers and community organizations, development practitioners and academia, entrepreneurs, developers, telecom operators, technology hubs, information specialists, policy makers, researchers, etc.

Social reporting at the ICT4Ag conference

To engage on-site participants, reach out to a wider audience remotely and promote the use of ICTs for agriculture in ACP countries and beyond, CTA is putting together a Social Reporting Team. This social reporting team is composed of 2 sub-teams; on-site social reporters and remote social reporters. 

Social reporting at the ICT4Ag Conference is a voluntary task. However, CTA will be covering the cost of travel, accommodation, food and daily subsistence allowances for 15 selected on-site social reporters. This opportunity forms part of CTA’s strategy to support the youth by involving them in its activities and building their capacity.

On-site social reporters

15 social reporters will be selected to participate in a two-days training on the use of digital media for social reporting. They will put their skills into practice, reporting on-site from the ICT4Ag conference. They will also be awarded a certificate at the end of the conference. Out of the 15 youths, 5 will be from Rwanda, the host country.

Remote social reporters

Other interested social media enthusiasts who are not selected as on-site reporters will have the opportunity to be part of the larger social reporting team that will participate and contribute remotely to the outreach of the event.

Selection criteria for on-site social reporters

  • Be a National of an *ACP country;
  • Be aged between 18 and 30 years;
  • Be Involved in agriculture, rural development or information - communication;
  • Possess proven basic skills in the use of social media;
  • Be competent in the use of the English or French language;
  • Be a good communicator and commit to contribute actively to the Social Reporting Team before and during the ICT4Ag conference;
  • Be in position to take along a WIFI-enabled laptop to the training and the ICT4Ag conference;
  • Available to attend the training and the ICT4Ag Conference in Kigali from 02 – 08 November 2013;
  • Be in possession of a passport with a validity date at least six months beyond the ICT4Ag conference (at least until 15 May 2014). Note: This criterion is not applicable to Nationals of Rwanda.

Note on remote social reporters

  • There is no restriction on the age and country for remote social reporters
  • Being part of the team will provide various networking and capacity building opportunities.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying, please complete this online form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ICT4Ag-SocialReporting

Note: All candidates interested in being part of the social reporting team (both on-site and remotely) have to complete the application form.

Please submit your application by 7 September, 2013 (24:00 CEST)

The 15 selected social reporters will be notified by 16 September 2013 receiving a confirmation letter.  The other applicants will also be notified about the outcome of their application and informed about the modalities to contribute to the social reporting team remotely.


Further information or clarification can be directed by email to Pier Andrea Pirani, Social Reporting Team Coordinator for the ICT4AG Conference at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

*List of ACP Countries

“ACP” stands for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries who are signatories of the ACP-EU (European Union) Cotonou Agreement. ACP countries are the following: Angola - Antigua and Barbuda - Belize - Cape Verde - Comoros - Bahamas - Barbados - Benin - Botswana - Burkina Faso - Burundi - Cameroon – Chad -  Central African Republic - Congo (Brazzaville) - Congo (Kinshasa) - Cook Islands – Côte d’Ivoire - Cuba - Djibouti – Dominican Republic - Dominica - East Timor - Equatorial Guinea - Eritrea - Ethiopia - Fiji - Gabon – The Gambia - Ghana - Grenada –Guinea - Guinea-Bissau  - Guyana - Haiti – Jamaica - Kenya - Kiribati - Lesotho - Liberia - Madagascar - Malawi - Mali – Marshall Islands - Mauritius - Mauritania – Federated States of Micronesia - Mozambique - Namibia - Nauru - Niger - Nigeria - Niue - Uganda - Palau - Papua New Guinea - Rwanda - Saint Christopher and Nevis - Saint Vincent and Grenadines - Saint Lucia - Solomon Islands - Samoa - São Tomé and Principe - Senegal - Seychelles - Sierra Leone - Somalia - South Africa - Sudan - Suriname - Swaziland - Tanzania - Togo - Tonga - Trinidad and Tobago - Tuvalu - Vanuatu - Zambia - Zimbabwe.

**Download the PDF version of the announcement on this link: Be part of the social reporting team of the ICT4Ag Conference and improve your skills!

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